About Us

The global economy is taking off. Therefore, flying to another country for a medical procedure is easier than ever before. As a patient you are seeking trust and transparency from private health clinics abroad, but knowing where to start can be daunting and confusing.

 That’s where Med-Ez comes in.

Who We Are

Med-Ez is an online medical tourism platform that connects patients worldwide with private healthcare professionals in more affordable geographies.

For the Patients

Throughout our platform, patients receive safer and more straightforward healthcare. Turkey is quickly becoming a global hotspot for cosmetic surgery. The doctors are leading the industry with significant experience and latest technology. It can be difficult to find the right doctor for you; one who is qualified and trustworthy. Med-Ez acts as a third party to verify all doctors and clinics. We see beyond the constructed brand image of clinics and doctors to provide verified, unbiased information that focuses on the actual performance of procedures to ensure your utmost protection.

Not only does going abroad allow you to benefit from some of the leaders in the industry - but you can do so at a fraction of the cost. The cost of having a procedure done in Turkey on average is 3 to 5 times cheaper than in the UK. Our team is dedicated to helping patients find doctors that are tailored to their needs faster and hassle-free.

This way you can be sure you are getting the quality results at the best possible price.

For the Doctors

Our platform gives a voice to trustworthy and reliable doctors abroad. We understand it can be difficult to find foreign patients - that’s why we would like to act as your intermediary. The on-boarding of doctors requires a verification process that includes: an apprehensive DBS check, analysis of your previous work history, and patient feedback. We welcome only the best doctors onto our team. It is important you remain focused on your work, allowing us to expand your service reach and speak on your credibility.

You will gain valuable patient feedback within the platform allowing you the freedom to build your reputation and expand your clientele. As a clinic, you can showcase your doctors and facilities, showing patients what matters most and why they should choose you.

Actions speak louder than words 

That is why we have a robust system in place to protect you and patients from medical negligence. Our extensive onboarding process and involvement throughout is to ensure the safety for both the patient and practitioner for both.

For the Doctors

Meet the founding team and explore Med-Ez’s values

Harjer Kadhim
Harjer Kadhim
Founder and CEO


Working as a clinician, I saw firsthand how often patients and doctors failed to build relationships, that is why at Med-Ez we focus on building trust between patients and doctors offering a reliable platform that is there to support you throughout this journey.

Dr. Ergenekon
Dr. Ergenekon
Medical Director


25 years experience as a doctor in Turkey I’ve seen time and time again the importance of good and bad care ensuring we have doctors onboard who can deliver to a high quality standard is essential for a positive patient experience.

Tristan Senycia
Tristan Senycia
Product Lead


Healthcare no longer has to be one-sided, we are consistently welcoming new opportunities for innovative collaboration. Our unique way of working at Med-Ez provides a whole integrated approach to healthcare, something that wasn’t possible before.

Iryna Havryliuk
Iryna Havryliuk
Product Manager


Whilst conducting behaviour research I found above all else, safety comes first. We want to break the industry stigma and hear no more medical horror stories. This can be done by learning where things have gone wrong in the past and putting the right safeguards in place to make sure they don’t happen again.

Natalie Zavizion
Natalie Zavizion
Relationship Manager


Information is power, that is why my role at Med-Ez is to support an open line of dialogue between patients and doctors throughout the process; making sure both parties remain confident and reassured.

Patrice Evra
Patrice Evra
Brand Ambassador


I decided to join Med-Ez because I understand how important it is to get your confidence back! Med-Ez allows you to have freedom of choice and accessibility in your healthcare.

Medez Phone: 02034885947 Email: enquiries@med-ez.com