The Story Behind Med-Ez

The Story Behind Med-Ez

We are excited to launch Med-Ez – the all in one platform that puts trust and freedom back into healthcare. We work end-to-end to provide you trusted doctors and a seamless travel experience for your cosmetic surgery abroad. This is backed by 24/7 support from our team throughout your journey. Meet the founding team and our values that ensure you are getting quality care at the best price.

Med-Ez was started with the ambition to put freedom back into healthcare. Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a courageous decision that can help you get your confidence back. However, the process of having surgery is not always accessible and affordable, leaving you stressed during what should be a positive and exciting time. At Med-Ez, freedom not only means the decision to choose the surgery and doctor that’s right for you, but also means having the freedom to remain stress-free in a non-stigmatised environment, at a fraction of the cost!  

The Med-Ez mission is to give patients back this freedom. Our platform is designed to build two-way communication between the patient and doctor at every step; from consultation to aftercare. We also provide 24/7 support from our trusted team. Whether it is deciding which doctor is best for you, ensuring you are asking the right medical questions, or creating your journey abroad as easy and enjoyable as possible; our team is there to help. 

Our platform acts as a third party to extensively vet doctors and clinics we bring onboard. This way you can be confident you are getting a verified doctor who complies with global healthcare standards. No more biased information from clinics abroad who put their flashy, social media brands over your safety. Our comprehensive review process means you will find the best doctor for you, without having to compromise your safety, security or finances. 

We have built Med-Ez to prevent picking between safety and price when it comes to cosmetic healthcare. In order to stay true to our mission, we have developed Med-Ez on the foundation of these core values: 

- Trust
- Quality
- Safety
- Communication
- Transformation
- Freedom

This is just the beginning. We are constantly on the lookout for more of the best doctors from all around the world. Currently, we are operating between the UK, Turkey and Ukraine but are looking forward to expanding our geographical reach. For the patients, we want to constantly enhance your experience. That means offering more surgery types and providing luxury travel extras. Having surgery doesn’t have to be a worrying process, but rather with Med-Ez it can be an empowering and reassuring journey. 

You can explore more on Instagram at @medezofficial and using the hashtag #InHealthThereIsFreedom

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