Our Covid-19 Response Plan

Our Covid-19 Response Plan

The Covid-19 outbreak has quickly changed the way we view the world. The pandemic has forced many industries to rethink the standard forms of practice and operation.  Above all, it has made us remember the importance of having access to good, quality healthcare. Sitting at the intersection of the travel and healthcare industry, Med-Ez wants to reassure you during these challenging times. There is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the future. The implications of coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future, but here at Med-Ez we are doing our best to provide you flexibility and security as we navigate these next steps. 

At the height of Covid-19, all healthcare resources were swiftly directed towards battling the virus. As many countries have now overcome the initial peak, the door is beginning to open for other healthcare opportunities. Places such as Turkey have so far effectively navigated through the worst of the virus, proving the capability and success of their healthcare system. Their outstanding health system has received global recognition, with Turkey providing medical supplies and equipment to nearly 80 countries during the pandemic. The swift and efficient national response means that the country is now starting to open up for medical tourism. The Culture and Tourism Ministry has announced a “Healthy Tourism Certification” to ensure high health and hygiene standards at airlines, airports, transportation, accommodation and food venues. 

We recognise this is an ongoing challenging situation, with each country operating at different stages and having their own unique policies. At Med-Ez we are continually monitoring the situation and will provide you with the appropriate guidance as the situation continues. We also understand that it is important to have things to look forward to in these times of distress. That is why we have put a flexible and secure Covid response system in place. 

Med-Ez’s Covid Response Plan: 

  • Virtual consultations - if you are in the early stages of considering treatment abroad, we will continue to offer virtual initial consultations with a member of the Med-Ez team. When you are looking to progress with your decision, we will be working closely with our doctors to provide you virtual second-opinions as well as virtual pre-operative assessments. Going virtual is not a substitute for quality care. Some treatments may require in-person consultations and in these cases a safe solution will be discussed between you and the doctor that complies with Med-Ez policy and official government guidance. 

  • Pre-bookings - If you are excited about taking the next step in getting your confidence back we will be offering pre-bookings for patients. Pre-bookings can be reserved until government guidance allows and when patients feel comfortable travelling again. Pre-bookings give you that little bit of normalcy that we are all craving, but guarantees the health and safety of you and others at the same time. 

  • Flexible bookings - We understand this is an evolving situation. We want to ensure you that any bookings made will have complete flexibility. This means that if new government or travel guidance is released that impacts your ability to receive treatment in abroad we will work with you to change dates and details at no extra cost. 

We will be engaging in ongoing conversation with our doctors and clinics to make sure they are complying with Covid-19 sanitation and health policies. 

Med-Ez will continue to monitor the situation and inform patients of any changes. Official travel guidance from the UK can be found at https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice. We will be providing updates in due course, for the most up to date information see our social media page on Instagram and LinkedIn

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