No More Medical Horror Stories

No More Medical Horror Stories

Medical tourism is growing and going abroad for surgery has never been easier. That being said, there is a still a lot of unanswered questions for patients. To help ease any uncertainty, we have debunked some of the most common medical tourism myths. At Med-Ez we are dedicated to changing the perceptions of the industry. Breaking free from the fake news, you can be confident in your healthcare decisions.

Medical tourism is booming, but alongside the rapid growth of the industry comes a lot of unanswered questions for patients. Travelling abroad for medical treatment can provide a wealth of opportunities not available in your home country, such as new medical developments and lower-cost procedures. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty in understanding medical tourism and the implications for patients. 

Global forces are starting to take notice, with the United Nations and other medical experts proposing the development of an international treaty to govern the growing medical tourism business. However, we cannot leave the safety of patients up to governments alone. It is the responsibility of those working directly in the industry to be more transparent and provide better protections for all parties. That is why at Med-Ez we are working tirelessly to change these negative and confusing perceptions of medical tourism. 

How we work to debunk common medical tourism myths: 

  1. “Doctors move abroad so they can treat patients when they are unlicensed.”

All the doctors and clinics we provide through Med-Ez undergo a comprehensive verification process that not only ensures they hold the right licenses complying with UK standards, but also includes a DBS check, review of previous work history and patient feedback. Many of the doctors we work with have studied and trained in places such as the United States and United Kingdom before establishing their practices abroad. 

  1. “Foreign patients are more at risk of unethical practices and medical negligence.”

Unfortunately, as with all types of healthcare, medical negligence is a small but universal risk. Leaving your home country for treatment does not have to mean you are more susceptible to malpractice. Our platform guarantees you receive thorough pre and post-operative care as well as guided support. Your procedure payment is handled through the Med-Ez gateway rather than directly through the clinic, meaning you are not at risk of being overcharged as a foreigner. We work directly between you and the clinic to confirm you are getting quality treatment at the best price. 

  1. “You need to speak the language of the country.”

In order to ensure good communication and the correct transfer of information, language is crucial. At Med-Ez we maintain these essential lines of communication with many of our doctors being well versed in English as well as providing translators once abroad. You will have a Med-Ez representative joining you on your trip making sure language barriers are never a problem and only the correct information is being shared. 

  1. “There is no available help if something goes wrong.”

While we are taking every precaution to prevent something going wrong, we also share a commitment in helping you get the compensation you deserve in the rare case something does not go to plan. The contracts put in place in the early stages of your journey are there to serve as protection against violations and unsatisfactory results. We are also working with a top-quality medical insurance that is available as an add on to your package offering you an extra layer of protection. We also provide assurance upon your return back to the UK by withholding any payment to the clinic if they have violated any rules or delivered unsatisfactory results.

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