Getting People Back on Their Feet with Legs4Africa

Getting People Back on Their Feet with Legs4Africa

We are excited to announce our partnership with Legs4Africa! And what better way to kick off our collaboration than giving back? Legs4Africa have just announced their Get Legs to Africa: December Challenge. Throughout the first week of December, the campaign is looking to raise enough funds to send at least 25 prosthetic legs a day to Africa. In total, at week’s end the funds will be used to give over 175 amputees the chance to walk again! Here at Med-Ez, we really encourage you to take part! You can find out more about the campaign and donate here.  

Get to Know the Heroic Work Being Done at Legs4Africa  

In the UK, approximately 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in landfills every year. Meanwhile, in Africa, 1.7 million amputees are in need of a limb to help them live independent lives. Legs4Africa is the charity aiming to change this imbalance. By recycling prosthetic legs and setting up amputee support groups, they are getting thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa back on their feet.   

Since 2015 Legs4Africa have sent enough parts to build or repair over 9,000 prosthetic legs for people who otherwise may never walk again.

 How We’re Teaming Up

Through our unique partnership, Med-Ez will be donating enough money to get one prosthetic leg over to a partner clinic and fitted to an amputee every time you pay for a service.

That means as a Med-Ez patient, not only are you empowering yourself to transform your own life, you will also be transforming the life for an amputee in Africa. Med-Ez is focused on making healthcare accessible and affordable, which is why we are so excited to team up with Legs4Africa to further develop a system of globalised healthcare for those who need it the most. When you use Med-Ez to undergo treatment, you have the added value of knowing you are also helping an amputee get back on their feet! 

Together we are proud to be getting people walking, working and living life to the full again.

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