Get More From Your Medical Journey

Get More From Your Medical Journey

The decision to travel overseas for medical treatment is usually driven by more affordability. However, going abroad can offer much more than quality doctors and care. Undergoing treatment is all about getting your confidence back. In order for that to happen, you need to feel good and happy at every step along the way. 

That is why we want to give you the option to add some luxury into your medical transformation. As with all surgery, comfort is key. We offer five star accommodation and VIP transfers to take you to and from appointments to help ease any stress with the highest quality comfort. 

We are working with Deema Travel to take this luxury to the next level. Your trip abroad can be filled with more than just doctor’s visits and clinics. Deema Travel is offering a variety of tourism activities and excursions for Med-Ez patients who are looking to see more of the city beyond a hospital bed. Whether you are getting dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey and want to explore the waterfalls and caves of the ancient city. Or you arrive early for your plastic surgery in Istanbul and do a one-day city tour by bus or boat to see all the sights. All patients will receive medical clearance before partaking in any activities or excursions.

Med-Ez is excited to provide our patients once in a lifetime experiences alongside their medical procedures with the help of Deema Travel. We believe enriching your medical journey with these options will only help you to feel more empowered. 


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