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Average price for hair transplant in Turkey (travel expenses included)


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Choose your desired treatment and doctor

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The essentials: Passport/visa Medical records If required: Insurance certificate Optional: friends/family

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A variety of options; from basic treatments to luxury extras


A comprehensive pre-operative assessment on your arrival and reassurance offered throughout


24/7 continued support on your return

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Providing first class medical treatment in a clean and safe environment.

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Quality doctors at affordable prices

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We have spoken to lots of women who received surgery abroad to better understand what they felt was missing from their medical journey. At Med-Ez we are constantly taking onboard customer feedback to better enhance the patient experience!

London, UK
London, UK

When I was searching for a plastic surgeon based in turkey. I looked for a trustworthy, honest, skillful and best doctor there was for my procedure. I found him based on Instagram because everyone was talking about how great he was and I could see from the pictures. However, having a medical tourism review platform would enhance trust, safety and above all feeling secure this is a must have website/app. I will definitely be introducing this to all my friends and family wanting to go to Turkey for medical procedures. This is awesome! I can’t wait for it to launch!


I found out about the clinic I used from Instagram when I was browsing for more info regarding the clinics that are specialized in BBL procedures. And I can proudly say they gave me back my confidence! I couldn’t look at myself anymore! Nevertheless, I would have preferred to have more time during the discussion with the doctor before he performed the surgery as I had many concerns and questions, however, unfortunately, I only had a short conversation with him. A platform like Med=Ez with reviews from verified patients would definitely make it so much easier for someone like me to find the right professional faster and easier!

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